Torrie Wilson Talks Accusations Without Proof ‘Creating Hell For Women’

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Former WWE Superstar Torrie Wilson has been back in the WWE spotlight this year. Not only did she compete in the first ever women’s Royal Rumble match, but she also was at the Raw 25th anniversary show and will be appearing at SmackDown episode 1000 as well. Before her appearance on SmackDown Live, though, the retired professional wrestler made some waves on social media after commenting on the current political climate regarding accusations.

“I pray to God we don’t end up living in a world where an accusation with zero proof becomes a sentence of guilt,” wrote Wilson on her Twitter account. She then went on to say that it would create “hell for women who’ve been brutalized” as they would be ignored, and would make “it way too easy to ruin a person’s life with an accusation.”

Check out Wilson’s full thoughts on the matter below:

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