Matt Hardy Looking Forward To Watching Super Show-Down, Gives New Word Of The Week With Jeff

Matt Hardy Looking Forward To Watching Super Show-Down, Promises A Return To ‘Oz’

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Matt Hardy Looking Forward To Watching Super Show-Down

Matt Hardy‘s career has been the subject a lot of discussions lately as he’s entered a transitional time in his career. Matt Hardy has said in a WWE posted video that he is retiring from active competition, however, we all know you never say never in wrestling.

Matt participated in a Producer role at WWE SummerSlam, and there was tons of speculation that this is where his career would take him next. The Woken Warrior just posted on Twitter that he’s looking forward to viewing Super Show-Down as a fan, but promised ‘a return to Oz:’

What exactly this means is yet to be seen, but Matt Hardy is good for keeping the internet on its toes and this is undoubtedly leading to the next chapter in what is already a great and historic career:

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I, for one, am of the belief that a Producer role is great for Matt Hardy. He has always shown talent as a creator and I genuinely believe that he can work himself up to being a Pat Patterson-level Producer where he is more known for his creativity than even some of his best in-ring work. The Oz line could be a message to Australians specifically, but again, Matt Hardy is good for being cryptic. I think he would be a great Producer for the Australian show, working under his mentor Michael Hayes, and working with young talents like The Riott Squad or even seasoned vets like DX.

Matt Hardy’s Word Of The Week Featuring Brother Nero

In the meantime Matt has taken the time to expand our vocabulary alongside the nefarious Brother Nero a/k/a Jeff Hardy:

It’s time for a BRAND NEW #WOKEN Word of the Week, guest starring the INDESTRUCTIBLE Brother Nero!