Adam Cole Gives An Update On Bobby Fish’s Injury

Adam Cole Gives An Update On Bobby Fish’s Injury

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Bobby Fish has been out injured for a while now with a torn ACL and a torn MCL. Fish is now gearing up to make his return. Adam Cole, recently a guest on Edge & Christian’s podcast – E & C’s Pod of Awesomeness – gave an update on Fish’s return:

“Oh yeah, man. I’m beyond excited because there’s nothing worse than seeing one of your good buddies go down, especially because, again, we as a group were just starting to hit a serious stride. So, obviously, Bobby was crushed. And since then, Roderick Strong has joined. But Bobby has been working his tail off rehabbing every single day and he’s ready, man. He’s ready to come back. And he’s ready to make this group even bigger than what it is. So I personally and I know Kyle and Roddy feel the same way, we can’t wait to get Bobby back with us.”

Cole also gave his thoughts on Roderick Strong being a part of the Undisputed Era:

“I feel like he fits so, so well with this group.” Cole continued, “it’s the most comfortable he has been, the most invested he has been in something. It’s really cool that he’s with us. Like when he joined, it felt like such a perfect fit. Like there was no awkwardness, no adjustment period. It was like, ‘oh, Roderick should’ve been with us the whole time.’ He fits with us perfect.”

You can listen to E & C’s Pod of Awesomeness HERE.

H/T: WrestlingInc on the transcription.

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