Natalya Reveals Her Toughest Opponent, Michelle McCool Opens Up About Her Greatest Accomplishments

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

In Natalya’s latest column for the Calgary Sun she reveals that if she absolutely had to pick a toughest opponent, that it would be first ever WWE Divas Champion Michelle McCool.

Natalya interviewed McCool, the woman she defeated for her very first ever WWE championship:

McCool on her proudest WWE accomplishment:

“I am incredibly proud to have become the first ever Divas Champion, the first ever to hold both the Divas and Women’s Championships, being part of the inaugural Divas table match (which is my favourite) and to have been part of the first Women’s Royal Rumble. I am beyond grateful for all those opportunities.  But, what makes me most proud is knowing just how hard we fought week after week, match after match. We gave our blood, sweat and tears to try and break down those barriers. That makes me so proud!”

On her proudest accomplishment outside the wrestling ring:

“My greatest accomplishment outside the ring, without question, is becoming a Mommy. I’ve been blessed beyond measure, but my daughter is my heart and soul! She and her sister keep us on our toes. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Being a wife is pretty good, too!”

On advice she would give to future WWE Superstars:

“Let go.  If there’s any nervousness, any hesitations, any insecurity, just let it go! It’s such a blessing to be a WWE Superstar, so enjoy every moment, cherish any and every opportunity and have fun with whatever you are doing!”

On what she envisions for the future of women’s wrestling:

“I would love to see the women main event a WrestleMania match.  Soon, they’re going to run out of ‘first’s’ for the women.”

Those interested in reading Natalya’s column may do so HERE.

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