Chris Sabin Discusses Wanting To Win The ROH TV Title, The Future Of The Motor City Machine Guns, More

Chris Sabin sat down with Chris Featherstone of to discuss his opportunity at winning the Ring of Honor TV Championship from Punishment Martinez, and the future of the Motor City Machine Guns. Thanks to Chris Featherstone for sending this along:

Sabin On Wanting To Win The ROH TV Title:

I think if I do win the Television Championship, I can say I’m at least the second best wrestler in Ring of Honor. The World Champion is obviously number one, but hey, if I can say I’m the second best, that’s pretty good… I hope [winning the title] comes with some control over television, at least some influence. You know, I’d bring back shows like The Office, make sure Michael Scott is in it, and you know, maybe have one more Saved by the Bell reunion or something. Who knows? Hopefully, I attain those powers.

Sabin On Alex Shelley And The Future Of The Motor City Machine Guns:

I think, just for the foreseeable future, that the Motor City Machine Guns are pretty much done. Of course, we’re still friends outside and everything, but yeah, I think that I think I’m going to be on my own for quite a while now. I don’t see the Motor City Machine Guns reunited anytime soon.

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