Josh Woods Talks Balancing ROH, MMA, And Pursuing A Degree

Josh Woods Talks Balancing ROH, MMA, And Pursuing A Degree

Photo Credit: RING OF HONOR

ROH posted an interview with wrestler Josh Woods who is currently preparing for his first Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu match in years and that’ll take place on October 6 in Orlando. In addition to balancing Combat Sports and pro wrestling, he is also a Criminal Justice major close to obtaining his degree. The winner of the 2017 ROH Top Prospect Tournament has been training for this fight since August and talk balancing all three of these important aspects of his life:

If I’m talking about how I’m an MMA badass, if I’m not out there doing competitions and winning then I’m just a windbag. I’m just like everybody else that says they can do stuff but they’re sitting in their room not doing [anything].

I wake up and go to the gym and do some MMA stuff — jiu-jitsu, striking and things like that — and then class, and then maybe a second or third session at night, and then I also have to do homework and things like that. My training partner and best friend, Seth Petruzelli, is a really skilled black belt and he just beats the dog [crap] out of me every day. My training partner is one of the best in the world. I would equate it to training for pro wrestling with Jay Lethal or the Briscoes.

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