CM Punk & Stu Bennett Shine On Ultimate Beastmaster

wade barrett stu bennett

Photo Credit: Getty Images

With a name as ‘in your face’ as Ultimate Beastmaster, there’s a good chance that your eventual product needs to be pretty spectacular in order to warrant the hype – and for the most part, the Netflix show’s format actually works. For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, UB seems to have taken Takeshi’s Castle, American Ninja Warrior and Total Wipeout, rolled them all up into one, and then thrown a giant beast structure in there for good measure.

The international flavour to Beastmaster is what really sets it apart, though, and before it sounds too much like we’re just trying to shill the show (although you should definitely give it a watch) we’ll get onto the focal points of our piece: CM Punk and Stu Bennett aka Wade Barrett. While both men have completely distanced themselves from actually wrestling since leaving WWE, although Bennett has done general manager roles, they’re still best known for their time inside the squared circle.

It’s great to see them expanding their horizons outside of the business, and the thing that we’ve noticed while watching Ultimate Beastmaster is that they’ve been able to let their natural personality shine through in ways that we haven’t seen since they were at their peak in WWE. Bennett’s British wit always makes for a fun watch, and with Punk, it’s just great to see him having fun again. Sure, he enjoyed the process of preparing for his two fights in the UFC, but Beastmaster gives us those 2010/11 Raw commentary vibes – and if you don’t know what we’re referring to, then we highly suggest you go and check out some of his work behind the desk.

The two men even have a handful of interactions throughout the season, with a few pro wrestling easter eggs thrown in there too. Of course, it’d be ideal if we had the chance to see them in the ring once again, but this platform still serves as a great way for their legions of fans to enjoy their work.

What are your thoughts on the show, and do you think either man will ever return to compete in WWE or anywhere else? Let us know, guys and girls.

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