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Photo Credit: New Japan Pro Wrestling

With the Bullet Club Civil War raging on, another long running faction in NJPW is facing an internal conflict. At the conclusion of CHAOS leader Kazuchika Okada’s loss to Hiroshi Tanahashi, in the main event of Destruction In Kobe, Switchblade Jay White attacked The Rainmaker. He also attacked CHAOS member YOSHI-HASHI, who had tried to rescue Okada. White then attacked CHAOS member Rocky Romero and took his chair. After the assault, Okada’s longtime manager Gedo came to the ring and attacked Okada with Romero’s chair.

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CHAOS formed in 2009. It was first led by Shinsuke Nakamura, who passed the leadership on to Kazuchika Okada. Jay White joined in January of this year, and has been outspoken about wanting to challenge Okada’s authority. Gedo has been a long time manager of the stable, and his actions are the most damaging to the faction’s foundations. Before leaving the arena, Gedo said “Breathe with the Switchblade. New Era, coming soon.”

It should be noted that Gedo is the head booker of NJPW, and his endorsement of White is no small move.

CHAOS member Hirooki Goto took to Twitter to ask about what happened, as he was not booked on the show.

Hey, what’s going on?

UDPATE: Jado, who was a founding member with Gedo took to Twitter to express confusion.

What is it? What! Brothers!?