NJPW Destruction In Kobe Results (9/23) Trouble Comes To CHAOS

NJPW Destruction In Kobe (9/23) Okada/Tanahashi. Live In Progress.

Photo by New Japan Pro-Wrestling/Getty Images

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FIRST MATCH: Yota Tsuji vs. Yuya Uemura

They lock up and exchange holds. Chain wrestling ensues. They break.

They lock up. Tsuji locks in a headlock. Uemura counters with a stepover toehold. Uemura transitions to a hammerlock. Uemura continues to work the arm. Uemura rolls up Tsuji for one.

Uemura controls Tsuji’s arm. Tsuji counters with a wristlock. Tsuji transitions to a hammerlock. Uemura tries to fight out but Tsuji maintains the hold. Tsuji hits a shoulder tackle. Uemura takes down Tsuji and locks up Tsuji’s arm. Tsuji hits a forearm. Uemura hits a forearm. They exchange blows. Uemura chops Tsuji’s chest. Tsuji locks in a standing toehold. Tsuji works over Uemura’s leg. Tsuji dives Uemura’s knee into the canvas repeatedly. Tsuji locks in a Single Leg Crab. Uemura fights to the ropes.

Tsuji stomps on Uemura’s leg. Tsuji pummels Uemura. Uemura hits a huge cross chop. Uemura stomps away on Tsuji. Uemura corners Tsuji and chops hits chest. Uemura hits a running uppercut. Uemura gets a nearfall.

Uemura bodyslams Tsuji. Uemura goes for a Boston Crab but Tsuji gets to the ropes. They trade blows. Tsuji hits a back body drop for two.

Tsuji pummels Uemura in the corner. Tsuji hits a corner forearm. Tsuji hits a hip toss for two.

Tsuji goes for a Boston Crab but Uemura fights to the ropes. They trade blows. They chop each other’s chest. Tsuji hits a series of chops. Tsuji hits a running chop. Uemura hits a dropkick for two.

Uemura goes for a Boston Crab. but goes for a jackknife rollup for two. Tsuji hits a dropkick and crawls to Uemura for a two count. Tsuji locks in a Boston Crab. Time expires.