Curt Hawkins Opens Up About His Losing Streak

Curt Hawkins Opens Up About His Losing Streak

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Curt Hawkins was recently a guest on Sam Roberts’ podcast and discussed his 200+ match losing streak and how he’s embraced it and turned it into something positive:

“What really sparked it all was that there was some online article that said that Curt Hawkins just lost his 100th match in a row. I think that, I’m not taking shots at anyone else, but most of my colleagues would be upset at that sort of thing.” H/T: WrestlingInc

Hawkins also revealed that he’d asked to have a match he was supposed to win, turned into a loss so that he could keep his streak going:

“There’s been times since that article where I was having matches; in particular I had a match on Main Event against Heath Slater that I was supposed to win, but I thought, wait, hold it, no, please, no. This could be something. There’s no sense of ending this story on Main Event. Who begs to lose matches? I literally did that though where I said that I can’t win matches, and they were cool about it in the first place where they were telling me that I did a good job and that I am going to win a match. But I was like, no, you don’t understand.” H/T: WrestlingInc

You can watch the full episode of Sam Robert’s podcast with Curt Hawkins below:

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