5 Dream Opponents For Kaitlyn On The Current WWE Roster

There’s little doubt that Kaitlyn would fit into the current WWE landscape with women. With the Divas Era seemingly a thing of the distant past, the focus has now been on not just the look of women but their skills and talent as pro-wrestlers. When she debuted, Kaitlyn brought something different to the table and after a rocky start, she proved in her second year in WWE that she had improved leaps and bounds.

It’s undeniable that she was held back due to the lack of investment in the women at the time and the inability to truly showcase her talent. But given how quickly she picked up, she would have been a major player in the modern women’s division. With both RAW and SmackDown rosters stacked with top female talent, we look at who Kaitlyn’s best opponents would be from a stylistic perspective.

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