5 Interesting Facts About Kaitlyn

After a rather short run in the WWE, Kaitlyn called it quits on her wrestling career. She did end up leaving on good terms and more importantly, her own terms, but it left many to wonder about what could have been. In an era of Divas and models, Kaitlyn (along with AJ Lee) brought something completely different to the table.

Improving her in-ring skills in just a couple of years, she set herself apart in the category of “wrestlers” rather than just regular Divas. She proved that she could go in the ring and she also proved that she was a worthy champion. There’s no doubt that she would have fit in perfectly with the current crop of women, as she would have achieved a veteran status at this point.

Either way, Kaitlyn had a memorable short WWE career that likely could have gotten far better had she stayed. The door is always open to the future, but until then, here are some things you may not know about the woman named Celeste Bonin.

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