Kaitlyn’s 5 Best WWE Matches

The biggest thing that fans always wonder about Kaitlyn‘s WWE career is “what could have been”. With a unique look, great strength and the ability to grasp information very fast, Kaitlyn is a former Divas Champion, but being in the era of Divas where they were given very little importance, it was quite difficult for her to showcase her true potential.

While Kaitlyn didn’t set the world on fire in her debut year, she proved in 2012 that she was able to improve in a very short time. Things picked up fast for her and she became one of the top in-ring competitors of the Divas division. Her along with AJ Lee were the top stars and had the potential to do a lot more than what they were given.

Either way, Kaitlyn did have some very good matches in her time with WWE and we take a look at those.

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