Randy Savage’s 5 Greatest Matches

macho man randy savage

Photo By Russell Turiak/Getty Images

Randy Savage was one of the top stars of WWE in the Golden Era, in a period that involved cartoon-like but larger than life characters. He shot to popularity as one of the biggest heroes and was also detested at one point as one of the most nefarious villains. Either way, he won his place in the hearts of millions of fans and is rightfully regarded as one of the all-time greats.

Many people tend to overlook just how great he was in the ring. There was a method to the madness, literally. Savage was known to plan his matches out in meticulous detail to the point where it may even have confused his opponents. But make no mistake about it, Savage was one of the finest in-ring performers of his time and he understood psychology better than most superstars did. Psychology being the keyword here, here are the five best matches of the Macho Man!

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