The Miz’s 5 Greatest Rivalries

The Miz’s 5 Greatest Rivalries

(Photo by Araya Diaz/FilmMagic)

#5.) Alex Riley

We’ve seen many a time when the protogé turns on the mentor. When it happened with The Miz and Alex Riley, it truly felt like something special. Riley may not be the best performer that The Miz has been involved with, but at the time, things got really heated between the two.

As Riley accompanied The Miz for a long time, the latter blamed him for losing the WWE Championship. After firing him, Riley assaulted The Miz and got a huge “Riley” chant from the crowd. It seemed like things were going to go up from there, as Riley was popular as a newly turned babyface and had a great look as well. He even picked up the first win against The Miz, but things weren’t meant to be, it seemed, as he would switch over to a commentator on NXT.

It wouldn’t work out for Riley in WWE but this didn’t stop the fact that he had a promising feud with The Miz. If only more came out of it long term.

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