5 Best Feuds Of Braun Strowman So Far

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

In his relatively short WWE career, Braun Strowman has risen to the cream of the crop much faster than many people expected. Already one of the company’s top stars and fan favorites, Strowman is constantly featured in high profile feuds and matches.

Despite all his accomplishments in a relatively short period of time, he hasn’t had many extensive feuds, with the exception of one. Then again, it’s hard for him to feud with someone for long when the matches are usually one-sided.

Even then, he’s given us some of the most memorable moments in WWE over the past few years, and it’s crazy to think that he hasn’t even begun to reach his peak yet. There’s no doubt that as the years go, he’s going to have even more memorable moments, matches and feuds. So far, these five feuds, albeit brief ones, stand out.

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