Kurt Angle’s 5 Greatest Matches

Kurt Angle’s 5 Greatest Matches

It’s been said time and again. No one picked up the art of professional wrestling as quick as Kurt Angle did. While we’ve seen examples such as Charlotte Flair more recently who have also picked up rapidly, Angle was truly on another level.

Just one year into his WWE run, he was world champion.  It wasn’t just the in-ring aspect of it, but his character that Angle had mastered. Whether it was serious, Olympic Gold medalist Kurt Angle or the comedy Kurt Angle, he delivered in all aspects of his character.

It’s no surprise that legends have praised Angle for his run as a pro-wrestler. While he spent 8 incredible years in WWE that saw him rise to the cream of the crop, he took it to the next level in TNA, upon his own admission.

To call Angle’s body of work incredible would be a gross understatement. He’s done what many have never done and there truly won’t be any like him. While it’s difficult to narrow down just five of his best matches, here are the matches we feel stand out in his career, from both WWE and TNA.

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