5 Records Held By Hulk Hogan

5 Records Held By Hulk Hogan#5.) Main evented 5 WrestleMania’s in a row

There have been many superstars who have main evented WrestleMania through the years, some more than the others. While we’ve seen superstars like The Rock, John Cena, ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker etc. main event more than others, none have done it consecutively the way Hogan has.

Hulk Hogan main evented WrestleMania‘s from WrestleMania 5 to 9, five straight events. It just goes to show the star power that he held that required WWE to have him in the main event year after year.

To put it in comparison, John Cena has main evented three consecutive ‘Manias (27,28,29) and then another two earlier (26,27), Stone Cold has main evented 2 consecutive (14,15) and The Rock has main evented three consecutive times (15, 16, 17) and another two consecutive times (28,29)

The only superstar who has come close is Roman Reigns at 4 consecutive WrestleMania main events (31, 32, 33, 34). It’s yet to be seen if he’ll equal Hogan’s record.

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