5 Records Held By Hulk Hogan

5 Records Held By Hulk Hogan

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Hulk Hogan paved the road for many wrestlers to follow during his time and the future. A Hall Of Famer, Hogan’s storied career saw him become a 12-time World Champion in two different promotions and have numerous accolades to his name.

Hogan’s longest world title reign stands at 1,474 days, which is a span of four years. That’s the second longest WWE title reign in history, only behind Bruno Sammartino (Bob Backlund‘s recognized 2000+ day reign isn’t counted as he lost it in between).

Apart from just this, Hogan had streaks, ended streaks and shattered records that may never be broken. One of the biggest box-office draws in pro-wrestling history, here are some significant records that Hulk Hogan holds.

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