Seth Rollins’ 5 Greatest WWE Matches

Seth Rollins’ 5 Greatest WWE Matches

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#4.) Seth Rollins vs Neville – RAW 2015

While John Cena was making more people aware of the underutilized talents in WWE such as Cesaro thanks to his United States Open Challenge, then-WWE World Champion Seth Rollins had issued an open challenge of his own. It was answered by the up and coming Neville.

The Man That Gravity Forgot shocked the world by not only putting on an incredible match with Rollins, but he was also one second away from becoming WWE Champion after hitting The Red Arrow. Thankfully for Rollins, his legs were on the rope by the skin of his teeth, saving the match and his title.

Rollins would go on to win the match but it was an incredible showcase for the young upstart Neville. Fun fact: The Red Arrow was never kicked out of once during his entire WWE tenure.

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