Seth Rollins’ 5 Greatest WWE Matches

Seth Rollins’ 5 Greatest WWE Matches

(Photo by JP Yim/Getty Images)

#5.) Seth Rollins vs John Cena – SummerSlam 2015

After coming off a feud with Brock Lesnar and narrowly escaping with the WWE Championship, Seth Rollins set his eyes on United States Champion John Cena next. The two had an incredible bout on RAW for the United States title, which Cena won, but got a broken nose in the process.

With a score to settle, Seth Rollins would challenge Cena with both titles on the line at SummerSlam. After an incredible match, it was the shocking assist of Jon Stewart that would cost Cena the match and help Rollins pick up the victory, becoming a double champion in the process. It would be the first time that anyone would hold the World Championship and the United States Championship at the same time.

Unfortunately for The Architect, he would lose the US title just a month later to Cena.

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