John Cena’s 5 Greatest Feuds


John Cena’s 5 Greatest Feuds

(Photo by Lester Cohen/WireImage)

#4.) John Cena vs The Rock

John Cena’s feud with The Rock, while it does have valid criticism for it, was undoubtedly the biggest feud of John Cena’s career. The first WrestleMania main event to be announced a year in advance, it was eagerly anticipated and once 2012 started, the feud started getting more intense and more personal.

With the clash of the egos, it was the former Face of the WWE vs the current face of the company. Things got heated and a lot of the jabs were very real. Their WrestleMania 28 bout ended up becoming the largest-selling PPV in WWE history.

They had a rematch the following year which was underwhelming to many, but the numbers didn’t lie,  with WrestleMania 29 garnering a whopping 1 million+ buys.  His feud with The Rock, already a mainstream megastar in Hollywood by then elevated him to a whole new level of stardom.