Say It Ain’t So: Beloved Babyfaces Who Turned Into Despicable Heels

In the course of WWE history, we have seen many beloved babyfaces. They are the kinds who have scratched and clawed their way to the top and simply due to relatability, was able to get a mass audience behind them wherever they went in the world. They became such beloved good guys that it was hard to imagine them in any other role.

However, it is wrestling and no one is safe from a heel turn. Due to the nature of the business and the fact that the shows are weekly without any offs, every character turns at some point. There are very few characters who haven’t undergone a change, but sometimes when the story is right, WWE has been able to pull off some shocking heel turns.

Of course, the cream of the crop has always managed to pull them off successfully and get booed while they were at it. Here are five examples of superstars who were beloved babyfaces and turned into despicable heels.

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