Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: WWE Tag Team Splits That Didn’t Work Out

Aiden English

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

#5.) Rusev Day

Rusev, during his rivalry against Randy Orton, had a one-off segment where a “Mayor” of Bulgaria was present to celebrate a brand new day – Rusev Day, honored after him beating Randy Orton. Aiden English was present and did the singing and out of the blue, WWE realized that they struck gold with the pairing.

Thanks to Aiden English being his mouthpiece, Rusev got over in a huge way and soon enough, “Rusev Day” chants would echo in the arena week after week, despite him being a heel. It was clear that Aiden English helped get “Rusev Day” and subsequently, Rusev himself, over. He wasn’t given enough credit for that run and their alliance ended in the most abrupt fashion.

It was a story where Aiden English implied that he had an affair with Lana. The worst part of it was that there was no match itself to pay it off and both men were worse off after it. Their pairing was clearly good but WWE didn’t seem to view it that way. Neither man would reach that level of popularity afterward.

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