Triple H’s 5 Hell In A Cell Masterpieces

#5.) w/ Shawn Michaels vs Legacy – Hell in a Cell 2009

DX’s reunions in 2006 and 2009 weren’t the best, but the 2009 reunion saw them have an interesting rivalry with the young upstart duo of Legacy. They faced off at SummerSlam in their reunion match and defeated them decisively, but one month later, they lost to the young duo in a submission match.

Their rivalry would culminate in the main event of Hell in a Cell in 2009 and the two young superstars were given a huge main event spot. They would end up playing smart and attack DX prior to the match, locking Triple H out of the cage while viciously beating Shawn Michaels down. It had a very old school feel to it and Legacy got a lot of heat before Triple H managed to use bolt cutters to enter the cage.

He made the big babyface save and they would finish the duo in emphatic fashion. It was a very underrated match as a whole and a solid bout.

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