The Undertaker’s 5 Greatest Hell In A Cell Masterpieces

The Undertaker is without a doubt the single greatest performer in Hell in a Cell history. He is the only superstar to wrestle 14 times inside the steel structure and the only person close to that is Triple H, with 9 appearances in his own right. However, The Undertaker was in the very first Hell in a Cell match and it has long been associated with The Deadman.

It’s called The Devil’s Playground for a reason. There’s no superstar in WWE history who has stepped up inside the cell the way The Undertaker has. While his win-loss ratio inside the cell isn’t the best, he still technically holds the most number of wins inside the structure, simply by being in the most number of them.

Without going much further, let’s take a look at 5 of The Undertaker’s greatest Hell in a Cell matches.

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