5 Most Significant Victories Of Brock Lesnar’s WWE Career

Brock Lesnar was pushed right off the bat when he debuted on the main roster in 2002. It wasn’t just any other push, however. For The Next Big Thing, as he was called then, it was a monster push that saw him have a meteoric rise to the top in WWE. It took him all but four months before he had a World title around his waist – then becoming the youngest WWE Champion in history (a record he still holds) and the youngest World Champion in WWE history (a record that Randy Orton broke two years later).

Since Lesnar has only been presented as a World Championship-caliber talent, he’s always had to face the very best in the business and in the company in general. As a result of his dominance, he doesn’t lose all that often, nor did he lose that much in his first run as well. He was understandably protected, but there are still a few wins in his career that stand above the rest. Here are five of them.

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