5 Dream Opponents For Edge From The Current WWE Roster

Edge is a superstar who’s wrestling IQ was often underestimated. John Cena even praised him about it, calling him the”Einstein” of the [pro wrestling] business. He began his career as a tag team superstar and found a lot of success, but it was clear that there were much bigger things in store for him.

Eventually, by the Ruthless Aggression Era, Edge started to get seriously pushed as a singles star and became a main eventer for many years. Undergoing different changes in persona, The Rated-R Superstar remains timeless and one of the great legends of the 21st century in WWE and pro wrestling in general.

His heelwork in his prime was second to none and while he can’t physically compete anymore, he has been open in stating that he feels better than ever physically. Even though we’ll never get to see him compete in the ring again, these five superstars are dream opponents for Edge.

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