5 WWE Heels Who Got A Taste Of Their Own Medicine

In professional wrestling, the concept of good guys and bad guys has been around since the very start. It’s something that still applies today, even if kayfabe isn’t as strong as before and despite the fact that the lines between babyfaces and heels have been blurred a lot over the years.

Despite this, it’s important to have a distinction between two or more characters because that is what traditionally determines the direction of a story. We’ve also seen many dominant heels over the years and some of whom have hardly ever gotten a payback of sorts. The entire purpose of a heel is mainly to help build another babyface and at the end of the day, take the fall to make said babyface look good.

This is something that has happened a countless number of times over the years, but in this list, we look at five particular instances where heels got a taste of their own medicine.

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