5 Best WWE Clash Of Champions Matches

WWE Clash of Champions has basically been a rebranding of “Night of Champions” while bringing back the old WCW name. The concept, as you probably know, remains the same – all championships must be defended at the PPV. This usually brings about a lot of excitement because there are so many PPV cards in a year where even major titles such as the Intercontinental and United States Championships go without being defended – and WrestleMania is no exception to that.

Since it’s a fairly new concept, we’re going to specifically look at the two recent editions of Clash of Champions from 2016 and 2017. The first edition was the first RAW-exclusive PPV since the brand split was reintroduced and the following year, it was a SmackDown-exclusive show.

Without going much further, let’s look at the five best Clash of Champions matches over the last couple of years.

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