5 Natural Babyfaces Who Struggled As A Heel In WWE

AJ Styles

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

#4.) AJ Styles – 2016

AJ Styles arrived in 2016 and made a splash right off the bat, instantly proving to be on the level of the very best WWE superstars. It was further validated by the fact that Styles was main eventing PPVs for the WWE title within 3 months of joining the company. WWE knew that they needed to build SmackDown around him and gave him another huge feud against John Cena.

This is where he turned heel and took his game to a whole new level. But here was the problem – fans didn’t want to boo Styles as he was simply too cool and too good to deny. Everything about his mannerisms and the way he spoke changed and gave him an air of confidence that made him look even cooler than he did while he was a babyface.

No matter how much AJ Styles was a heel on SmackDown Live post-Summer, fans didn’t want to boo him and they loved the fact that he was WWE Champion.

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