That’s MR. McMahon To You: 5 Times Vince McMahon Was The Biggest Heel In The World

Vince McMahon

Photo Credit: Alpha Entertainment

Vince McMahon is widely considered as the greatest heel in pro wrestling – and it’s hard to argue against it. We’ve had several great heels over the years but Vince McMahon’s run with the “Mr. McMahon” character has statistically proven to be one of the highest-drawing heels ever.

His feud with ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin is a benchmark in WWE history and it’s a feud that inspired the whole “authority figure” concept to be much bigger than expected, but it’s also a feud that hasn’t been replicated in terms of impact since. Obviously, the fact that he is the real-life Chairman of WWE certainly helps the legitimacy of his character, but one can’t deny the skill and dedication it took to pull off the character the way he did.

These five moments are those that involve a lot of heat while some also involve controversy.

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