They Were Right All Along: 5 Heels Who Were Actually Justified In Their Actions

(Photo by Rodrigo Vaz/FilmMagic)

#5.) Alberto Del Rio – 2011

Alberto Del Rio was one of the main figures during the Summer of Punk in 2011. He held the major key, i.e, the Money in the Bank briefcase that would essentially throw a wrench in between CM Punk and John Cena‘s rivalry. After SummerSlam’s main event in 2011, Alberto Del Rio took advantage of Kevin Nash‘s attack on CM Punk and successfully became the WWE Champion via a cash-in.

CM Punk himself stated the night after that he had no ill will towards Del Rio for being opportunistic. John Cena, however, decided to take the moral high ground and berate Del Rio for being dishonorable, even telling him that he “eventually has to defend his title”….just a few minutes after he defended his title and won clean.

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