Superstar Sendoff: Perfect WWE Retirements From A Storyline Perspective

There comes a day when every WWE superstar must call it quits. Being a very physical business, every superstar knows that they are on borrowed time. Sure, there are many examples of superstars who have played it safe and have had extensive tenures, but the reality is that the business is full of injuries and there comes a time where everyone has to eventually ride off into the sunset.

While there have been retirements and departures that fans hoped would be fitting and perfect, it’s not always worked out that way. But this list isn’t about that. This list is about five superstars and legends who had the most perfect retirement from a storyline point of view.

If we could, we would probably put Ric Flair as #1, but since he did come back after that for another promotion, he will be excluded from this list. Not that the list doesn’t include superstars who have made comebacks, but Flair’s, in particular, is an exception because his retirement was marred by the return.

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