5 Times When WWE Fans Outright Rejected Babyfaces

the new day

Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage

#5.)  The New Day – 2014

In retrospect, it’s still amazing to think that The New Day, who were a group of 3 floundering superstars, have now become the longest-lasting faction and trio in WWE history. Never showing any signs of breaking up, they didn’t exactly have a bright start. Their gospel-like persona where they preached the Power of Positivity had an obnoxious tone to it and fans were quick to reject the future champions.

Their “New Day Rocks” chants were countered with “New Day sucks” chants from the crowd and they were treated as heels right off the bat. It was only early in 2015 when WWE wisely decided to pull the trigger on The New Day. They would enjoy a year-long run as heels before organically turning face prior to WrestleMania 32. The rest is history.

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