Five Wrestlers That Didn’t Have As Much Success With Paul Heyman As An ‘Advocate’

(Photo by Dominik Bindl/Getty Images)

Paul Heyman is one of the most important figures in wrestling history over the past couple of decades. The man behind ECW, he helped create many stars and even when ECW was gone, he played a very important role in WWE – both on-screen and off it. On-screen, he’s most famously known to be Brock Lesnar‘s advocate and was at one point CM Punk‘s manager as well.

For both superstars, it worked perfectly despite the dynamic being so different – especially given that Lesnar was not a talker while CM Punk’s specialty was on the mic. Either way, those were really the only two clients who he found success with as a manager on-screen.

The Heyman rub is big and there have been multiple other superstars who have been paired with him before  – even prior to his ECW days. However, the reality is that he hasn’t found much success in managing apart from Punk and Lesnar. Here are a few tried and tested alliances that didn’t work out for Paul Heyman, though their careers didn’t necessarily flop because of it.

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