Bret Hart’s Most Iconic SummerSlam Moments

Photo by Moses Robinson/Getty Images

#5.) vs. The Undertaker – 1997

There was an interesting trio feud for the WWE Championship around the summer and post-summer of 1997. Bret Hart was at his very peak as a heel and the domination of the Hart Foundation, while The Undertaker reigned supreme as the WWF World Heavyweight Champion. He would come to blows with Bret Hart, who vowed to never wrestle on American soil again if he lost at SummerSlam.

Shawn Michaels inserted himself as the special guest referee, making the bout even juicier. It definitely wasn’t among the best of Bret Hart’s SummerSlam matches, it was a worthy main event. Shawn Michaels tried to make life hard for Bret Hart, but it backfired and Hart ended up winning the WWF Championship.

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