5 Incredible Slammiversary Moments In IMPACT Wrestling History

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Slammiversary is one of the most important PPVs of the Impact Wrestling calendar year. First celebrated to honor the creation of the company, it has eventually evolved into a spectacle of its own, being host to some of the greatest stars, the best matches and the most exhilarating moments.

When it’s all said and done, Slammiversay will be viewed as not only one of the defining PPVs of Impact Wrestling but all of modern day wrestling. In today’s context, the major woes are a part of the company’s past. They’ve been financially stable while low-key putting on arguably the best and most consistent product in all of wrestling.

They’ve become like mid-to-late-2000s ROH, in that they’re usually able to replace one major star that leaves with another. They’ve been home to some incredible, world-class talent through the years and they have been responsible for these incredible Slammiversary moments.

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