Rob Van Dam’s 5 Best Impact Wrestling Matches

#4.) vs Abyss – Bound for Glory 2010

Abyss and RVD had an extremely heated feud for the Impact World Heavyweight Championship. He had defeated Abyss before but that didn’t stop the monster from making his life a living hell week after week. RVD’s outrage led him to force Eric Bischoff to make a match against him at Bound for Glory.

Such was RVD’s hatred that he threatened to quit if Abyss was to be fired at one point. Abyss pitched the match to be a Monster’s Ball match and that’s exactly what they got. In a brutal affair involving many foreign objects, RVD took Abyss to hell and back to defeat him and it felt like a legitimate grudge fight.

RVD would once again prevail against the odds.

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