5 Most Underrated Matches In WWE Extreme Rules PPV History

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Photo by Kelly Sullivan/Getty Images for Wizard World, Inc.

Extreme Rules has been a part of the annual WWE PPV circuit since 2009. In nearly a decade, we’ve seen many all-time classics at the PPV. Whether it was an Extreme Rules match or not, the PPV has consistently been one of the few to low-key deliver almost each and every year. While some years have obviously been better than others, there’s no denying that a PPV filled with different stipulation matches brings the best out of each competitor.

We’ve even had comedy classics like “Wee-LC” and more incredible moments. However, there have been quite a few great matches that are still overlooked to this day. While they may have received some praise post-PPV, it’s only when looking at them later on that they got the appreciation and recognition that they deserve.

Here are the five most underrated matches in the Extreme Rules PPV history.

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