5 Greatest Slammiversary Matches In IMPACT Wrestling History

Slammiversary results

Slammiversary is one of the most important PPVs in the calendar year for TNA. While it may not have the glitz and glory of Bound for Glory, it remains a historically significant show for TNA.  Since 2005, it’s been a showcase of the very best that the company has had and over the years, there have undoubtedly been a handful of performers who stood above the rest.

It’s been a pay-per-view where many stars have had their breakout moments as well. It’s seen some of the most memorable moments in Impact Wrestling history and has become a very essential part of the company’s history. With Slammiversary, many truly believed TNA to be the successor of WCW, though the events backstage and the troubles they went through were a little different – and through it all, they still manage to stay afloat.

Either way, Slammiversary has been home to many Impact Wrestling classics and we look at the very best of them.

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