5 WWE Superstars Who Were Called Up From NXT Too Early

Photo by John Peters/Man Utd via Getty Images

The entire dynamic of NXT superstars being called up to the main roster has changed significantly over the last few years. Only a few years ago, fans would be excited to see how their favorite NXT superstar would fare on the main roster. The general assumption was that if they were big stars in NXT and showing their true potential, then they were bound to succeed on the main roster.

As we all found out the hard way, that’s not really how it works. Even NXT superstars have seemingly understood that success on the yellow brand doesn’t necessarily mean success on the bigger stage. However, with NXT technically still being developmental, there are a lot of superstars who need refining before coming up to RAW and SmackDown.

There are also those who clearly have a lot of potential but get called up too early, resulting in their growth stunting and even stalling. Here are a few NXT superstars who were prematurely called up.

Photo by John Peters/Man Utd via Getty Images

#5.) Dana Brooke

Dana Brooke was a good prospect in NXT. While she was very clearly green, she had a good look, good athleticism and the right attitude. Her pairing with Emma turned out to be a good one as they completed each other and protected one another’s weaknesses. However, she was called up fairly quickly a month after WrestleMania 32, aligning with Emma.

While the direction was definitely exciting, it was abruptly halted by Emma suffering a back injury. WWE decided to pair her up with Charlotte Flair instead and even intended to push her as the top female star. However, she was exposed quickly and fell down the pecking order quite fast. She still remains one of the more underutilized stars on the female roster.

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