5 WWE Superstars Who Benefited From Someone Else’s Injury

kofi kingston

Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images

Many fans wonder why WWE superstars of the past would constantly work through injuries. Sometimes, injuries were devastating and the superstar would pretend as though it’s nothing. The reality is that they were not secure about their spot and if they were in a big spot, getting injured and sitting on the sidelines meant that someone else would be given the said spot.

Due to that, there was a lot of insecurity. However, in modern WWE, things are a little different. While superstars do work through minor injuries, WWE makes sure to take care of them even in the event of long-term injuries. But the truth is that there will always be a superstar who benefits from another person’s injury. It’s quite simple – one man’s pain is another man’s gain.

We look at modern examples of WWE superstars who benefited greatly from another superstars’ injury. The fallout effect turned out to be quite a significant one in some cases and not-so-significant in the other.

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