Dawn Of ‘Attitude’ – The Best WWE Matches Of 1997

Best Wrestling Superstars of the 80’s

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#5.) Bret Hart vs Vader vs ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin vs The Undertaker – In Your House: Final Four

Shawn Michaels lost his smile and vacated the WWF Championship. After a lot of controversy in the Royal Rumble, it was decided that the vacant WWF Championship would be decided in a Fatal-4-Way elimination match. Featuring the four biggest stars at the time (excluding Sycho Sid and Shawn Michaels).

WWE has a history of doing Fatal-4-ways right and this was the prime example of that. Chaotic in every sense of the word, the match had another bizarre stipulation – eliminations could take place if a superstar was thrown over the top rope. It certainly did justice to the Royal Rumble controversy and after a lot of interference and chaos, Bret Hart would eliminate The Undertaker to win the WWF Championship.

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