5 Best WWE Matches Of 1998

the undertaker

(Photo by Bob Levey/WireImage)

#5.) Kane vs The Undertaker – Unforgiven

This was the first-ever inferno match and while it wasn’t a technical classic, it was a spectacle and a special attraction match. The visual of the ring surrounded in fire was fantastic to see and the intensity of the match was on another level in itself. The spots itself were quite difficult, with The Undertaker doing an Old School while the fire was below him and even hitting a suicide dive onto Kane and even Vader, who had interfered in the match, trying to stop Kane from walking away.

Undertaker even attacked Paul Bearer, before he smacked Kane and sent him into the fire, with The Big Red Monster’s arm burning. It was far better than their WrestleMania match and one that took some serious guts to be a part of.

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