Monday Night Wars: 5 Defining Moments For WWE

#5.) Bret Hart – “This is BS”

Bret Hart was far and away the biggest babyface in the New Generation Era. The people’s champion, he was loved and adored by all. His pink gear and sunglasses became iconic in its own right, but eventually, time for change came in WWF. When Hart was briefly away in 1996, he came back to find that things weren’t the same.

WWF was heading into an edgier direction (though they were still a good year away from the Attitude Era in 1997) and all of the characters had an added edge to them as well. Bret Hart tried to be the honest hero that everybody loved, but in early 1997, he found himself getting screwed over in every opportunity there was.

On the RAW before WrestleMania 13, Hart challenged Sid Justice for the WWF title in a steel cage match. Despite trying to win clean, both of their WrestleMania opponents (Steve Austin & The Undertaker respectively) made interferences. Hart lost the match and when Vince McMahon tried to interview him, he snapped in a promo that sounded all too real, stating “This is BS”.

He vented out all his frustrations. Little did he know that less than a week later, he would be viewed as the villain while Austin would be the hero.

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