5 Most Important First WWE Championship Reigns

Photo By Getty Images

#5.) The Rock

The Rock won his first WWE Championship at Survivor Series 1998 in a finish that was a throwback to the Montreal Screwjob one year prior. The Rock’s journey to the WWE title had been quite a rocky one. He started off as Rocky Maivia, a babyface with tassels and colorful gear. Naturally, he was rejected by the fans almost immediately.

He would turn heel and become The Rock, being a part of the Nation of Domination. He would even turn face in 1998 and was a babyface in the Survivor Series: Deadly Games tournament to crown a new champion. He faced Mankind in the final, and Mankind was portrayed as the corporate handpicked star.

In a moment of genius, The Rock would align with the McMahon family, immediately turning heel again. It proved to be the rocket that shot The Rock to the stratosphere, as he would main event the first of five WrestleManias, becoming one of the most important stars in WWE history.

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