5 Longest IWGP Heavyweight Championship Reigns Of All Time

okada austin jr

Credit: NJPW/TV Asahi

The IWGP Heavyweight Championship may very well be the most prestigious championship belt in all of professional wrestling. It’s not just the magnificent design of the title and the aesthetics to it, but the value instilled in the title. The New Japan Pro Wrestling approach with the title has been far different than WWE and many other promotions, with NJPW choosing longer reigns to tell longer stories and establish stars.

Longer reigns are always a good thing and the great part about it all is that NJPW knows when and when not to pull the trigger on certain superstars. Think about this – Between 2011 and 2019, there have only been six different IWGP Heavyweight Champions. With many long reigns, it’s been the stuff of legends, defended in some of the greatest venues ever, such as the Tokyo Dome.

Since there are many reigns exceeding 200-300 days, we decided to focus on the five longest IWGP Heavyweight Championship reigns of all time.

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