5 Best WWE Matches Of 2014

Daniel Bryan

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

2014 was quite a year for WWE in-ring product-wise. The main story of the year was the rise of Daniel Bryan, in a journey that felt like a lot more than just a year. However, he was the central figure of WWE programming, whether WWE liked it or not. It was one of those cases where they clearly wanted someone else in the top spot, but fan demand and Bryan’s popularity meant that WWE couldn’t deny him even if they tried.

In a weird way, CM Punk walking out in early 2014 somewhat had a role to play in Bryan’s rise to the top. Since he was such an important figure, you might not be surprised to find him appear on more than just one occasion on this list. 2014 was also the year when WWE began to experiment with the whole “part-time champion” concept.

It was the year where The Shield broke up and the trio would begin their move into singles stardom. Here are the five best matches of 2014 (NXT is not included in this list).

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