5 Best WWE Matches Of 2011

Photo Credit: Getty Images

2011 was a turning point of a year from a creative standpoint in WWE. It saw one of the most underwhelming WrestleManias in history, but it was also the first time when the main event of WrestleMania was decided a full year in advance. It would lead to the highest-purchased PPV in WWE history, but that was a whole year later.

In this case, 2011 turned out to be a great year because it saw the rise of multiple superstars – most notably CM Punk. He was by far the MVP of 2011 and it wasn’t even close. Considered as one of the best years in the modern era, 2011 saw the rise of some incredible new and fresh storylines, with live ticket sales and more shooting up.

More than anything, fans were given a good reason to tune in week in and week out. While it was no perfect year by any means, it certainly trumped most of the years of the modern era. It led to some instant classics as well. We give you the five best WWE matches of 2011.

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